Why I’m Starting a Homelab as an Aspiring Data Analyst

A computer with several smaller ones inside representing various services.
A good way to think about a homelab (IC)


Woman holding a tablet that displays the Google homepage.
To the internet! The start of all good rabbit holes! (IC)
Squirrel trying to read a book with a confused expression.
How I felt at first trying to understand this new hobby… (IC)

Goals and Current Setup

  • Server to host large datasets
  • Use these datasets for portfolio projects, and to practice more in-depth machine learning
  • File storage (linked to an off-site backup) for the following items:
  • Important Personal Documents
  • STL and Gerber Files (Hobby electronics is going to happen soon)
  • Woodworking Plans (I want to be a maker, okay?)
  • eBook, eCourse, and webcomic library (I’ve got a small collection of eBooks/eCourses and want to store my favorite webcomics locally.)
  • Webserver (In the future, will buy a PI to do this)
  • Pi-Hole! (Future)
  • Learn Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS (Future)
  • Maybe self-host through Owncloud
  • Media Server (but in a non-traditional way, stay tuned!)
  • TerraMaster F2–220 NAS with 2, 2TB drives in a RAID 1 configuration (Yay eBay sale!)
  • Dell Precision T5400 (Was previously used and again, eBay sale)
  • Old laptop (for a media server, if desired)




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Dallas Blowers

Dallas Blowers

I’m a nonprofit professional who’s deeply passionate about effective learning, self improvement, and chasing my curiosity wherever it leads.